Social Tide is a social media creative marketing agency that understands the importance of brands connecting with their audiences on a daily level. The digital landscape is a whirlpool of advertisement and we know how to bring yours to your audience in impressive, innovative, and engaging ways. Our team lives in the digital space so you don’t have too!

It’s time to ride the tide.


The key to gaining a social media following is to produce engaging content.


We will curate your existing feed and help you create new content so your audience is always entertained. 


Every brand has their own story and we want to bring yours to life.


Through engaging social media campaigns we will make sure your audience is constantly engaged.   


Your followers are your brand's most loyal fans and we will ensure their happiness.


Through community engagement your audience will feel connected to your brand to ensure long-term customer loyalty.    


  • Content Scheduling

  • Content Creation & Editing

  • Community Engagement

  • Managing Paid Ads

  • Social Media Campaigns

  • Social Analytics

  • Influencer Campaigns

  • Boosting Followers & Engagement

  • Customer Support

  • Social Media Training & Consulting



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David Calderon

David Calderon is originally from Los Angeles, CA where he studied at the University of Southern California and quickly proceeded to work in film publicity. With the rise of social media, he discovered a new passion and switched roles to become an in-house social media expert. With more than five years of experience and knowledge, he has become a prominent social media influencer and knows how to engage audiences and reach maximum exposure.

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Timothy Lems

Timothy Lems is originally from The Netherlands and has lived in various places around Europe. He moved to London to pursue a bachelor's in media and film production. With the birth of social media, he discovered the potential of reaching audiences directly. Focusing on creating innovative campaigns for web and social media he accumulated a wealth of knowledge to determine what works (and what doesn't) in an ever-changing digital world.  

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London, UK

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